Fallen Heroes

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Fallen Heroes

The Fallen Heroes committee was established to enable the MASIP to respond quickly to a Contract Security Officer’s or Investigative Professional’s death or life threatening injury. We provide his or her surviving family desperately needed assistance with medical and ambulance bills, burial expenses, rent, utilities, food and child care. It is also a vehicle for outreach into the greater Contract Security and Investigative Professional Industry and an expression of stewardship for those employed by it. This committee shall report its activities to the MASIP Board of Directors, however, its operations are completely independent.

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 The Committee:

  1. The Committee will be composed of three (3) members of the MASIP from as many different areas of Michigan as is feasible considering the geographic spread of the membership.
  2. Committee members, once seated, shall serve at their discretion as long as they are able and desirous to do so.
  3. When required, new committee members will be invited to serve by standing committee members.
  4. The committee may meet as frequently as they see fit, however, they must meet at such time as legitimate nomination is made for their consideration.
  5. Meetings may be conducted by such means and at such times and places as the majority of the members deems appropriate.

The Award:

  1. Recipient(s) must have been employed as a Contract Security Officer at the time of the incident which prompts consideration for the award.
  2. Recipient must have been either severely injured or killed in the performance of his/her duties, or in the act of protecting another from harm.
  3. This award must go to either a resident of Michigan or a Security Officer or Investigative Professional working in the state of Michigan at the time of the incident.
  4. The employer need not be a member of MASIP, at the discretion of the committee.
  5. Upon receiving a nomination for the award, the committee will investigate the matter sufficiently to verify the authenticity of the facts.
  6. Once satisfied the allegations are accurate, a member of the committee will contact the Security Officer’s next of kin to determine what would be most beneficial (service, cash, scholarship, etc.) and will determine the appropriate amount.
  7. The committee will then write a brief description of the incident describing the Security Officer’s involvement, create an appropriate plaque or commemorative piece bearing the MASIP logo, determine who will receive the award on behalf of the Officer and establish when and where the award will be presented.
  8. The committee shall have complete discretion in accepting or rejecting any nominations.
  9. The committee shall not award more than 30% of any available funds to any single recipient, without a board action permitting such award.
  10. The committee shall have complete discretion over all phases of the award process reporting to the Board any action taken and informing the Board of nominees under consideration at regular meetings.

For more information, or to apply for consideration, please contact the MASIP office at 517-482-0729.